Sweet yet healthy recipes to end the meal. The original recipes are modified by the experts to add health quotient in it.
Moong Dal Halwa
Rs. 120
Relatively lighter yet nourishing dessert; relieves heat and dryness.
Rs. 75
Regulates pitta (heat) and Vata; Nourishing and satiating.
Mishti Dahi
Rs. 40
Made with A2 Milk and honey. Curd is okay to have with honey.
Rs. 60
Heavier form of milk, nourishing and strengthening.
Fruit Plate
Rs. 95
Preparation of seasonal fruits with honey;beneficial in maintaining moisture inside body.
Wheat Ladu
Rs. 25
A healthy nourishing recipe for strengthening bones and muscles.

Barley Ladu
Rs. 25
A lighter yet nourishing recipe.
Ragi Ladu
Rs. 25
Ladu made from ragi – a cooling grain; beneficial in reducing heat.
Peanut Ladu
Rs. 25
Nourishing recipe; beneficial for immunity.
Watercress Ladu
Rs. 25
Nourishing, strengthening recipe for bones especially.
Kundalini / Jilebi
Rs. 60
An age old ayurvedic recipe recommended for natural glow on skin and to reduce darkening of skin.