Hot Drinks

Uncommon and uniquely prepared hot beverage card to rejuvenate you, refresh you and to nourish you.
Tan Man Rejuvenation Tea
Rs. 70
Herbal tea that supports agni and hydrates body in right manner.
Rs. 80
A refreshing drink with energising spices.

Masala Dudh
Rs. 95
Immunity booster, nourishing drink; supports good sleep (prepared using A2 Milk).
Lemongrass Tea
Rs. 50
Refreshing, kapha and vata reducing beverage; beneficial in respiration system.
Green Tea
Rs. 70
Refreshing, antioxidant beverage.
Cooling Tea
Rs. 70
Reduces heat,calms down body and relaxes mind.
Cleansing Tea
Rs. 70
Reduces phlegm and clears respiration and opens the mind.
Calming Tea
Rs. 70
Helps to reduce Vata and stress.
Nidra Milk
Rs. 00
Supports good sleep – Served as per doctor’s recommendation only.
Rs. 00
A cooling beverage using spices and cooling herbs.
Nimbuk Panak
Rs. 00
An ayurvedic lemonade - ideal option for a summer drink cooling and digestive in nature.
Khajuradi Manth
Rs. 70
Beverage made using dates, black raisins, pomegranates etc. cooling and beneficial for liver.
Rs. 00
A healthy and nourishing yogurt drink.

Rs. 30
Buttermilk - boosts agni and supports digestion.
Masala Taak
Rs. 35
Buttermilk with spices – boosts agni and supports digestion.
Thin Lassi(Sweet Buttermilk)
Rs. 00
Boosts agni and calms down pitta.
Amsul Saar
Rs. 60
Tantalizing sour yet pitta reducing recipe.