In India, rice is the most consumed food item. It can begin the meal or end it or it can be a meal. Unprocessed rice is used to provide maximum benefits of rice.
Rs. 110
Mung Khichdi made in specific ayurvedic way where mung beans are double the rice grains. This is a signature recipe as well as most healthy recipe of ayurveda cuisine. Satiates and benefits in calming down doshas and benefits in almost all conditions.
Veg Pulav
Rs. 120
Healthy rice preparation with seasonal vegetables.
Sambar Rice
Rs. 90
Tantalizing recipe that stokes the digestive fire.
Ghee Rice with Metkut
Rs. 95
Traditional rice preparation with mixture of pulses and spices in powder form with nourishing ghee. Satiating and digestion friendly.
Tulas Rice
Rs. 95
Rice with Indian basil that is beneficial for digestion and healthy respiration.
Palak Khichadi
Rs. 95
Healthy ayurvedic khichdi recipe with spinach.
Kadhi Khichadi
Rs. 150
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Udad dal Khichdi
Rs. 150
Healthier and nourishing variety of Khichdi.