Variety of fresh vegetables, perfectly chopped and cooked with amazing tastemakers for your health and taste buds.
Rs. 60
Supports digestion and beneficial in over-nourishment conditions.
Laal Math
Rs. 60
Light to digest and supportive in over nourishment disorders.
Rs. 60
Nourishing and supports digestion process and benefits in bowel clearance.
Chakvat / Bathua
Rs. 60
One of the most health supportive vegetables; calms down all three doshas .
Bottle Gourd
Rs. 75
Easy to digest and nourishing vegetable, boosts metabolism and benefits in over-nourishment conditions.
Ridge Gourd
Rs. 75
Light and nourishing vegetable, beneficial in over-nourishment conditions.
Smooth Gourd
Rs. 75
Light variety of vegetable, beneficial in over-nourishment conditions.
Snake Gourd
Rs. 75
Easy to digest and boosts metabolism, beneficial in over-nourishment conditions.
Bitter Gourd
Rs. 75
Vegetable that supports metabolism and beneficial in over nourishment conditions; supports taste buds; reduces kapha .
Mix Vegetable
Rs. 120
A healthy blend of vegetables recommended as per the season.
Mix Gram Usal
Rs. 60
A healthy blend of pulses recommended as per the season.
Green Gram Usal
Rs. 60
Healthy, beneficial lentil, easier on digestion, supports metabolism; highly recommended in over – nourishment conditions; calms down kapha and pitta.
Green Gram Curry
Rs. 90
Another healthy preparation of green gram beneficial for metabolism and over – nourishment conditions; calms down kapha and pitta.
Kulith Pithale
Rs. 95
Beneficial in digestion and in urinary system conditions like urinary calculus.
Palak Saag
Rs. 95
Calms down Vata and supports bowels.
Amsul Saar
Rs. 60
Tantalizing, appetizing, sour yet pitta reducing recipe.
Dhemase / Tinde
Rs. 60
Beneficial in Urinary system ailments especially urinary calculus (Kidney stones).
Rs. 80
Beneficial in Urinary system and diabetes.
Rs. 60
Digestive and beneficial in piles and other ano rectal conditions.
Amrut Palak
Rs. 60
Combination of Guduchi leaves + Chakvat / Palak Beneficial in supporting Pitta and Kapha conditions primarily. Recommended in Gout, diabetes, chronic arthritis etc.
Kadhi Pakoda
Rs. 95
an ageold ayurvedic recipe beneficial in nourishment and calming down Vata / pains etc.
Agasti Pushpa vegetable
Rs. 00
text goes here.
Bharangi chi bhaji
Rs. 00
Will be available in rainy season – good for reducing kapha.